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In total the research group FOREnergy comprises eight sub-projects.

The first sub-project aims for a better understanding of energy consumption during production. The knowledge gained from an in-depth analysis of production plants form the basis for an energy consumption model.

In order to enable an intentional control of the energy consumption, a technological assessment of production facilities, building facilities as well as energy storages is conducted in sub-projects 2 and 3 respectively. Thereby, potential measures for energy flexibility are revealed.

In sub-project 5 innovative concepts for production planning and control are developed. These concepts will allow creating a balance between energy consumption of a factory and the energy supply of the grid without influencing the revenue detrimentally.

Another keystone for monitoring and controlling the energy consumption of a production plant is the link between manufacturing execution system, building control and grid control within a single production control system. This link will be realized in sub-project 4.

The supply-oriented control and adaption of energy demand within production has to be evaluated from an economical point of view. Therefore, sub-project 7 develops an evaluation method to assess the consequences of flexible load shifting and its monetary potential.

The input data for the evaluation of energy flexibility is provided by local power authorities. This way a holistic optimization of the electricity supply is assured. Sub-project 6 will provide tariffs and pricing functions for energy flexibility as well as concepts for a technical integration into the grid, e.g. smart grids.

All results are implemented in a demonstrator platform in sub-project 8. This prototype consist of simulated software and actual hardware components.