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Sub-project 3: Energy storage and on-site power generation

Starting point and aim of research

In manufacturing companies the energy demand is highly variable over time. In many cases the fluctuation has an effect on the power consumption of the factory and result in an uneven load profile with high peaks.

Energy storage and distributed generation provide the facility to actively influence the electrical load profile by shifting the electrical load, without disturbing the process of production. An intelligent operation of existing energy storages, for example compressed air vessels, can increase the load shifting potential. The aim of the project is to identify the potential of possible energy storage and power generation technologies and to evaluate them on a testing plant as well as in a real production environment.

Approach and methodology

The potential of energy storages and on-site power generation within a factory to improve the flexibility of the electrical demand will be investigated and evaluated. In addition to theoretical studies about available energy storage and power generation technologies, an experimental compressed air system will be built. This provides the possibility to simulate real measured load profiles in a defined environment and to investigate the cost-optimal operation of the storages by shifting the load assuring that the demand is covered. The theoretical and practical experience gained on the use of storage and power generation will be examined in terms of general applicability to other factories and summarized in a software tool. This tool can be used as an implementation guide for the obtained results.


Dennis Atabay

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