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Sub-project 4: Production control system

Starting point and aim of research

Strategies and methods for a synchronization of energy demand and supply in real-time are currently not included in available Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Furthermore, the existing MES are unable to control the building facilities of a factory. Relevant information regarding all consumers within production plants as well as the total energy supply remains unused. In the future it will be economically and technically necessary for companies to adapt their energy demand to the available energy supply in real-time.

Sub-project 4 aims at developing and integrating control methods and strategies into a Manufacturing Execution System for a real-time synchronization of energy supply and demand in production

Approach and methodology

Firstly, available ME-systems are analyzed in order to identify how algorithms for an energy-optimized production control can be realized. The basis for these algorithms is the integration of energy load and supply profiles into the database of these systems. Therefore, data structures and communication protocols between the MES and the ERP as well as the shop floor that include energy data are defined.

ABased on this, methods and strategies for an energy-conscious control of production systems, building installations and energy storages are developed. These will allow an adaption of the energy consumption to a given supply in real-time. The final result of this sub-project a software prototype in which the developed data structures, protocols and strategies are implemented. The prototype is used to validate the results using the demonstration platform of sub-project 8.


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