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Sub-project 5: Production planning and control

Starting point and aim of research

In the past, little attention has been paid to electric energy as a resource within production planning and control. While promising concepts exist for modeling energy within production planning as well as for algorithms to optimize energy usage, in general these concepts only address efficiency issues. Currently, these concepts do not include a supply-oriented adaption of production load.

The aim of this sub-project is to extend existing methods and processes of production planning by electric energy as a factor of production. Electric energy is to be modeled as a finite resource and its availability is explicitly considered within production planning. Using their inherent flexibility, production programs are automatically adapted in a way that the energy demand and energy supply are synchronized.

Approach and methodology

The project starts with a concept to merge energy KPIs and values in the structure and processes of a production planning and control (PPC) system. Using energy as an additional value within the generic PPC, it is possible to use an existing database and ensuring consistent information. Furthermore, all planning and scheduling tasks in a PCC system are analyzed. As a result, strategies as well as measures are developed to influence the power load. These strategies are specified in a concrete catalogue of measures. The priority of measures can be used to gain a differentiated evaluation (SP7) as well as a basis for the selection and usage in scheduling problems. The focus is the development of new methods for an energy orientated job scheduling. As a fact, the job distribution to the different machines is influencing the load level of a factory significantly. If it is possible to synchronize the short or midterm forecast of the energy supplier with the machine usage, a high saving in energy costs can be reached. Therefore, design and methods are integrated in a software prototype. Especially, the interfaces to other factory systems as well as to the energy supplier are developed in this sub project resulting in a functional prototype.