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Sub-project 8: Demonstration platform

Starting point and aim of research

Energy flexibility in production results from the cooperation and coordination of all the solutions which are developed in the sub-projects of the research group FOREnergy. Two research networks are even set up to work on overlapping research questions.

In this context, it is significant to validate all results and especially the interaction between sub-projects conjointly. The validation has to include all solutions like energy flexible facilities, the production control system and the energy-conscious production planning.

The objective of sub-project 8 is to create a demonstration platform to showcase all the elements of energy flexibility in production. This is achieved by a demonstrator consisting of simulated software and actual hardware components.

Approach and methodology

Firstly, a concept for the demonstration platform is designed. Therefore, a sample product is identified which will be manufactured in the demonstration process. Based on this product several production scenarios are defined in order to create some variance for the production process.

Secondly, the demonstration platform that represents the production of the sample product is planned and constructed. The facilities and components which are used in sub-projects 2 and 3 are integrated into the demonstrator. Further elements of the demonstrator platform are implemented digitally as part of a simulation model. This combination of hardware and software components assures a holistic approach. The demonstrator also serves as a platform for experiments to validate the solutions developed by the sub-projects and research networks.